Reasons you should hire a website developer

If you own a business and want to stay competitive in your market, you must have a website. The leading resource for people to use to get information has quickly become the internet. The leading reason people use the internet is to research business information.

Without a website, your business is in danger of losing customers both online and at your storefront. Consumers regularly research companies long before they ever set foot inside them or purchase anything from them. They will quickly move on to the next business if your website does not seem professional or secure.

Sales and credibility are the number one reasons why you want to have a website, but there’s more that goes into creating a website than simply using a web page creator or content management system that you need to consider when you decide whether to hire a website developer. The following are reasons why you want to seriously consider hiring a website developer beyond just presenting a professional appearance.


Hiring a website developer guarantees your website will be built specifically for your business and no one else’s. A good website developer will work with you to ensure your website design meets all your expectations and more. They will ask if your website is meant to generate walk-in sales, generate online sales, for information purposes, and more and will build a website that is specially designed to meet that criteria. When you DIY your own website, you are often limited by the template you use in terms of what and how many graphics you can use, as well as text. A professional website developer will not be limited in these ways.

Visual Presentation

The way your site navigates, looks, and the graphics and colors used on it are crucial to its success. Visitors do not like to be bombarded by loud graphics and text, nor do they like to have to search for what they’re looking for. A professional website developer will ensure that your website is user-friendly in its design and structure.


The internet is prone to change every day in the technologies used to present websites. There is a constant stream of new code, new ways to draw visitors to your site, and new technologies to be used. You can rest easy knowing a professional website developer is using the best and latest technologies to build your website. Most DIY website builders severely limit this kind of functionality with outdated code, technologies, and designs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is used by professional website developers to gain more search engine traffic to your website through improving its search engine ranking. If search engines have a hard time navigating your website, they will not send visitors to it. Your website has to be search engine optimized to be found, and a professional website developer will know how to make it happen.

Webmaster Services

A well-made website is never done. There is continuous maintenance involved to keep a website in tip-top shape, current, and relevant to their industry. Technology is always on the move, and for a website to have continued success it must be constantly updated to keep up with these trends. When you use a professional website developer to create your website, you will continue to benefit through their webmaster services designed to keep your website updated and fresh.


A professional website developer can create a website for you that is truly professional in every sense of the word. Web design companies don’t hire just anyone to work for them, so they definitely don’t produce average designs. They spend a lot of time considering who should work for them and also who will be the best fit for your business website’s design. Also, being a business themselves, they can relate to your business needs a lot more than a hobbyist can. Their end results always produce material that possesses inherent business value.


A professional website developer understands what your business needs from its website and focuses on attaining that goal. They understand what your business is like and will make sure that they work with you to get the best possible results. This includes creating an attractive and professional design, improving usability, and simplifying navigation.

Time Saving

Of course, you will save yourself a lot of time and headaches by hiring a professional website developer to design your business website. Also, a professional website developer knows how to produce the best results in a quick and efficient manner. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to design your website as well as saving you time and headaches doing it yourself.


A professional website developer also knows how to build your website in a way that is secure from hacking and other malicious attempts. This in turn will give you a sense of security in knowing your website is safe from prying eyes. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that your website (and your customers) are secure.


A professional website developer will know how to make you look like an expert in your field through suggesting resources, articles, and source material for your website’s content. All this content will help make your company appear to be knowledgeable in its field of business.

Bug Fixes

Cross browser compatibility is one of the biggest web design issues today. A professional website developer has the programming knowledge to know how to navigate these conflicts and will test your website in multiple browsers to make sure it looks and works well in all of them. DIY website designers just can’t compete with this.

You Get What You Pay For

It is important not to cheap out when you are choosing a professional website developer. A good professional website will cost you at least $1k. Those website design companies that offer websites for $99 usually are working off a template, the same as you would do if you were designing the website yourself. These websites tend to not be optimized well for search engines and can be riddled with coding errors. If you expect your business to have a long life, and you want your customers to think you are professional and serious about your business, steer clear of cheap website developers.

A Worthwhile Investment

A well-designed website can last for many years without needing to be updated. While the professional website developer may use the latest trends, the ultimate goal is always to build a website that is timeless and classic, sure to last for many years without needing a re-design. So if you want a website that will last for many years to come, it is important to hire a high class professional website designer that shows they are worth the investment.

Making Money

35% of consumers admit that they don’t purchase from a company that uses a low-quality website. This wasn’t 35% of geeks or students, but 35% of buying consumers that switched companies for their purchase because they had a low quality website. Consider what it would be like if you have the company those consumers switch over to, and if your website will pay for itself with that kind of revenue.

Enhance Your Brand

Developing a new website will encourage you to also work on your company’s branding to match. Your branding influences everything that goes into building a website, so you will want to make sure you have a brand that is professional, trustworthy, and clean. To continue this consistency, you will also want to update your marketing campaigns to keep up the flow. A new website design can breathe new life into your business through helping to inspire you to work out a brand that flows well with the design of your site.

Do You Want a Successful Business?

If you want a successful business and you haven’t got a professional website, you should hire a professional website developer as soon as possible to design a business website for you. Time is of the essence and you cannot afford to keep up business if you are losing sales to competitors that already have business websites up. Along with providing you with a professional and consumer-drawing website, a professional website developer can help inspire you to update your brand and image to create a timeless and sale-enhancing vision that will last for many years to come.